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Winter and snowshoe hiking in Tuxertal

During a winter holiday in the Tux-Finkenberg holiday region in the Zillertal, around 68 km of winter hiking trails, some of which have only been rolled down, cleared or cleared, ensure a winter variety.

The winter hiking trails to the Eggalm or the Sommerbergalm are a challenge - rustic huts and the panorama restaurants with Zillertal specialties await as a reward. Those who prefer to experience the great view comfortably can take the cable cars to the individual mountain stations. 

Experience snowy landscapes and a glittering sea of 1,000 snow diamonds on your winter holiday in the Zillertal. Enjoy a snowshoe hike in untouched nature, where you get to know many new impressions of the snow-covered Zillertal mountains away from the slopes. Experienced mountain guides accompany you to the most beautiful places in the Tux-Finkenberg holiday region.

Overview winter hiking trails

Bichlalm (Jausenstation – in winter light toboggan run):
approx. 1 hour – path Nr. 17, return on the same way

Round hike: 4a) Keep below the Jausenstation, along the "Lawinendamm", through the tunnel to Hintertux Dorf or via trail no. 11 to the valley station Hintertuxer Gletscherbahn.
4b) Follow the forest road (toboggan run - no. 17) out of the valley until a path branches off into the valley through the forest. You can reach this via Hintertux Dorf on trail no. 11.

Sommerbergalm – Bichlalm – Hintertux:
ascent with Gletscherbus 1 to Sommerbergalm, then descent on the cleard way, approx. 2 hours to Hintertux. (danger of avalanches – Please take  notice of the avalanche warning signs)

Hintertux – Hohenhaus – Gletscherbahn:
approx. ¾ hour – path Nr. 11 (danger of avalanches – Please take  notice of the avalanche warning signs)

Hintertux – Madseit – Tux-Lanersbach (Vorderlanersbach):
Route Nr. 11, 12 and 10; From Hintertux Gletscherbahn or village (fire brigade - church - Hotel Hohenhaus) on path no. 11, to the intersection at the entrance to Bichlalm/main road. Cross the road, follow path no. 12 (Kreuzweg) to Madseit. At the Adler Inn Tyrol Mountain Resort turn right, cross the "Goasbrücke" and turn left. Follow path no. 10 to Tux-Vorderlanersbach. Approximately 2 hours (Lanersbach), 2 ½ hours (Vorderlanersbach)

near the Hotel Adler Inn Tyrol Mountain Resort over the „Goaßbrücke“ (Tuxbach) and turn left to the valley hiking road to Tux-Lanersbach, approx. 1 hour – path Nr. 10

at Gasthof Alte Hütte (Hotel Berghaus) valley inward and ascent to direction Hintertux, last piece along the road, approx. ½ hour – path Nr. 10 and 12

At Neuhäusl-bridge (Bus stop Juns/Neuhäusl)to the valley hiking trail to direction Tux-Lanersbach, approx. 1 ½ hour – path Nr. 10 or to direction Hintertux, approx. 1 hour – path Nr. 10 to Madseit and from Madseit to Hintertux Nr. 12

Grieralm (Jausenstation – in winter light upped bob route), approx. 1 ½ hour – path Nr. 24

Tuxer Mühle – high trail to Tux-Lanersbach, approx. 1 hour – path Nr. 21

High trail to Juns (Tuxer Mühle), approx. 1 hóur – path nr. 21

High trail Gemais – Tux-Vorderlanersbach, approx. ½ hour – path nr. 21

Valley hiking trail to Tux-Vorderlanersbach approx. ½ hour, to Hintertux approx. 1 ½ hour –path nr. 10 and nr. 12

Höllensteinhütte (Jausenstation – in winter lit toboggan run) approx. 1 hour – path nr. 28

Eggalm – Tux-Lanersbach: ascend with Eggalmbahn, descent over Lattenalm (Jausenstation) und further over Gemais unitl Tux-Lanersbach or Tux-Vorderlanersbach, ca.1 ½ h. (Trail Nr. 39 and 21)

Valley hiking path to Tux-Lanersbach approx. ½ hour, to Hintertux approx. 2 ½ hours, – path nr. 10 to Madseit, from Madseit to Hintertux trail nr. 12 & 11

High trail over Gemais to Tux-Lanersbach, approx. ½ hour – path nr. 21

Mountain raod to Geiselhöfen (restaurant), approx. 1½ hour

Sagerain – Schragl – Naustein, approx. ¾ hour – path nr. 63

Sagerain – Schragl – Gschwandl – direction Außertal – and back on the road to the sawmill, ca. ¾ h – path nr. 65

Roundtrip Lanersbach - Duration: approx. 1 hour
Chapel Maria Hilf - Testerbrücke - Waldhäusl - on route no. 30 to Lanersbach - return on path nr. 10

Astegg - Walking time: approx. 3 hours
Finkenberg Persal - road to Astegg - return via connecting path Penken-Naudis to Finkenberg

Finkenberg village - Mayrhofen - Walking time: approx. 45 minutes
Road nr. 31 and 12 - Finkenberg Dorf - Au - Gstan - Mayrhofen

Roundtrip Finkenberg Dorf - Gstan - Walking time: approx. 1.5 hours
Path nr. 21, 12, 26a

Circular walk Glocke - Walking time: approx. 50 minutes
Path nr. 32, 32a and 32b - Finkenberg Dorf - Friedhofsbrücke - along the nature trail Glocke

Round trip Finkenberg - Walking time: approx. 50 minutes
Route nr. 26, 26a, 26c, 31a and 31st
Finkenberg Dorf - Au - Schürzenjägerstraße - Kreuzweg - Herz-Jesu-Kapelle - Finkenberg Dorf

Circular hike Dornau-Jochberg - Walking time: approx. 1.5 hours
Trail nr. 33a, 33, 30, 32 - Finkenberg Dornau - Devil's Bridge - Jochberg - Hochsteg - Finkenberg Dornau

Roundtrip Teufelsbrücke - Walking time: approx. 1 hour
Route nr. 33, 33b and 34 - Finkenberg Dornau - Devil's Bridge - Hotel Dornauhof - Sports ground - return via the road to the Devil's Bridge

Brunnhaus - Walking time: approx. 45 minutes
Finkenberg Dornau - Devil's Bridge - Brunnhaus

Enjoyable idyll - Walking time approx. 1 hour
Penkenjoch - Bergstation Kombibahn Penken

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