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High Alps Nature Park Zillertal Alps

The High Alps Nature Park Zillertal Alps is located in the rear Zillertal protecting an impressive natural and cultural environment north of the main chain of the Alps on a total area of 422 km².
Starting at Mayrhofen, the rear Zillertal is divided into various tributary valleys like the fingers on a hand. The nature park stretches across all altitude levels of the Central Alps from 1,000 m in Ginzing to 3,509 m on Hochfeiler.
There’s a lot to experience in these heights.

Click here to find the summer programm 2022 of Nature Park Zillertal Alps.

Nature park with character

The beautiful nature park region is located directly by the municipalities Finkenberg, Tux and Hintertux. The nature-shaped mountain scenery with extreme conditions is closely bound up with human use. People already crossed the region’s mountain passes and overcame the borders between today’s North and South Tyrol millennia ago. Experience the region and the special mountain atmosphere of Tuxertal yourself.

Experience the region’s diversity at Nature Park Zillertal Alps

  • in exhibitions,
  • at the Nature Park House,
  • on themed trails,
  • at information points or
  • during a guided hike with rangers.

Partner businesses of the nature park

Many businesses in Zillertal cooperate closely with the nature park – many of which are located in beautiful Tux-Finkenberg. What can you expect from a nature park partner business? These quality-monitored accommodation businesses need to meet various quality criteria, identify themselves with the nature park’s philosophy and bring the nature park idea directly to their guests. Regional products or exciting hikes are offered frequently. Enquire at the Tux-Finkenberg tourism office or with your nature park hosts.

Nature Park of the Year 2015

What a year! The independent expert jury of the Association of Austrian Nature Parks (VNÖ) elected the High Alps Nature Park Zillertal Alps “Austria’s Nature Park of the Year 2015”. This award goes to a nature park that realises innovative projects, excels in the fields of environmental protection, tourism, education and communication, and constantly strives to further develop the area. This high quality of life and the spirit of innovation is particularly reflected in surrounding municipalities such as Tux or Finkenberg that welcome you to your summer holiday.

Stable in nature park zillertal alpsView in nature park zillertal alpsFlowers in the nature park zillertal alpsSilence and recover in nature park zillertal alps

Nature Park region Zillertal Alps

The close coexistence of high alpine wilderness and vibrant cultural landscape is what makes the high alpine nature park appealing and ensures that exploring it is a multifaceted experience. Its special charm lies in the fact that natural scenery and human influence through agriculture are interwoven, resulting in:

  • alluring cultural landscapes,
  • meadows with a wide variety of flowers and
  • lively alpine meadows.

Look after nature:

  • Listen to nature and enjoy the peace – every bit of noise disturbs the native animals.
  • There’s no camping site in the nature park – stop at one of the cabins to spend the night.
  • Don’t start a fire outside.
  • Please put dogs on a leash.
  • The nature park stands out for its purity and cleanliness. Please help to keep it this way.
  • Please stay on your path – for your safety and the benefit of the animals.
  • Attention mineral collectors!
    Countless breathtakingly beautiful and rare minerals, such as amethyst, rock crystal, garnet, moonstone, tourmaline and, particularly, garnet, attract collectors to visit Zillertal. The use of simple tools such as hammers and chisels is permitted; mechanical appliances, explosives or fuels are not permitted for collecting minerals. Police and nature park wardens patrol the area increasingly often!

Huts in the nature park

There have been refuge huts for hikers and nature park explorers in Zillertal ever since 1879. A culinary stop on a hike or an overnight experience are guaranteed here. Many of the huts are operated by the alpine association, offering both lots of tradition and discounts for its members.
Here you find the perfect accommodation on the mountain pasture for summer hikes or winter ski tours at Nature Park Zillertal.

The best tours in the nature park

Explore the nature park on foot or by mountain bike. The most beautiful panoramic trails invite you to go on long-distance hikes and are also a great holiday option for the entire family due to many natural spectacles and hut stops.
For long-distance hikers with stamina:

  • Trekking Berliner Höhenweg

The Berliner Höhenweg leads through the heart of the High Alps Nature Park Zillertal Alps. The daily stages of varying lengths lead across good hiking trails and high alpine terrain – good mountain equipment [Link] and endurance are required. A refuge hut for hikers to rest and even stay the night is waiting at the end of every stage. The altitude path connects the alpine association huts in Zillertal – with discounts for members.

  • Trekking Peter Habeler Runde

Retracing the steps of a legend... Whether clockwise or anticlockwise, the destination is a summit round tour of the western Zillertal Alps. Start at the mountaineer village of Ginzling. The total route covers 56 km and 4,990 altitude metres of ascent and 4,980 altitude metres of descent with 6 refuge huts in beautiful alpine scenery.

Our tip: Don’t forget about the photo points on your tour!

Travelling with children

Our tip: a family day at the nature park. Hiking along the gurgling alpine streams or refreshment at the large waterfalls – there won’t be a boring minute here.
Nature Park Zillertal Alps has a lot in store, particularly for families:

  • Themed trails through gorgeous and across alpine meadows
  • Nature park exhibitions to touch and discover
  • Guided glacier tours
  • Traditional alpine huts with kids’ activities
  • Diverse nature and scenery to explore...

Research at the high alpine nature park

There’s also a lot to discover in a region as diverse as Nature Park Zillertal, which is why the park cooperates with regional scientific institutions. The University of Innsbruck and the Austrian Academy of Science (ÖAW) help to collect data and process it for the public. Collecting information on the protective area and registering its natural and cultural particularities allows makes it possible to devote much more conscientious attention to the protection of the region, resulting in long-term benefit. Find out what scientists discover and excavate at the Nature Park Houses, on themed paths and at the exhibitions.
Who knows, one of the young visitors might even help to explore and protect the nature park when they grow up.


Well informed

In order to be perfectly informed about the nature park, current events, guided hiking tours or exhibitions during your holiday in Tux-Finkenberg, it is recommended to stop by the tourist information office in Finkenberg or at Tux-Center in Tux-Lanersbach opposite of the Eggalmbahnen. The team is happy to inform you and has the best suggestions for a great experience in Tuxertal.

Exhibitions in the nature park

In order to do justice to the area of environmental education, there are three exciting permanent exhibitions at Nature Park Zillertal. There are fascinating facts to discover for guests. Children get to know the world of the mountains and can participate actively. Visit one of the three exciting exhibition worlds on rainy days or during a hike stop:

  • Gletscher Welten (Glacier Worlds) at the Nature Park House in Ginzling,
  • Kultur Land(schafts)Welten (Cultural Environment Worlds) at Mitterstall in Brandberg and
  • Steinbock Welten (Ibex Worlds) at Zillergrund.
Arrive by

Destination address for the tourist information:
A-6293 Tux, Lanersbach 401

Plan your route online:

Detailed information on how to get to Tux-Finkenberg by bus is available here.

The airports at Innsbruck, Salzburg and Munich are between 90 and 230 km from Tux-Finkenberg.


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