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Ski tours in Tux in the Zillertal

Unspoiled nature, and a breath taken winter landscape are the perfect scene for an unforgettable powder snow adventure! The possibilities for a splendid ski tour in the mountains of Tyrol are numerous in the Tuxertal. For more information, suggestions and other important detail according safety in the mountain see here.

Please note the wildlife and forest protection zones during winter sports activities in Tuxertal. These should not be entered or driven on in winter in order not to disturb wild animals and to protect the protective forest. 

Wildlife and forest protection zones

Overview ski tours

...varying and challenging tour from easy to difficult.

  • Starting point: Hintertux, Tuxer Fernerhaus - 2nd section of the Zillertaler Gletscherbahn
  • Altitude difference: 600 m ascent; 1.700 m descent
  • Duration: 5 - 6 hours
  • Best season: March until June
  • Huts: Spannagelhaus, 2.535 m - 100 m below the Tuxer Fernerhaus
  • Level of difficulty: ascending is quite easy, descending is very difficult though. Only suitable for experienced skiers on alpine slopes!
  • Equipment: crampons (skiing irons)
  • Characteristics: the Hohe Riffler is one of the most beautiful ski tours in the Tuxertal, and the starting point can be easily reached by ascending with the Hintertuxer Gletscherbahn. This mountain is often underestimated, and can be dangerous due to the fact that snow conditions can vary very quickly on the different descent possibilities.
  • Special features: the view is really magnificent: Hochferner, Schwarzenstein, Großer Möseler, Hochfeiler,…  and definitely worth the effort.
  • Ascent: with the Glacier Bus 1 and 2 up to the Tuxer Fernerhaus (2.660 m). From here you cross over a small up hill grade and cruise under the Gefrorene Wand in the direction of Schwarzbrunnerkees. Underneath the cliffy peak it’s most of the time very steep. To continue you get to Federbettkees on the northern side of the Rifflers and taking a slight right curve over the relatively flatt back of the Riffler to finally reach its highest point.
  • Downhill run: starting from Schwarzbrunnerkees directly to Kleegrube

a) and via Waldeben to the valley station and parking lot of the Hintertux Glacier Lifts. Important: ALWAYS stay LEFT of the stream and the gorge from the "Waldeben" floor to the valley station!
b) or from the other Black Plate north to the ski slope of section 2 and via the feeder lift back to the middle station.

...this ski tour offers a magnificent view over the Tuxertal and the Zillertal.

  • Starting point: Juns, heliport car park or bus stop "Tuxer Mühle"
  • Altitude difference: 1.020 m
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Best season: January until April
  • Huts: Höllensteinhütte 1.710 m
  • Characteristics: the tour can be done already early winter due to its safe ascent. Mainly through forestland. Very important though is to inform yourself about the snow slab conditions, especially during early winter months.
  • Special features: magnificent view over the Tuxertal and the Zillertal with all its peaks!
  • Ascent: In Juns behind the heliport over the bridge to the pasture area under the ski tour signs to Ludwigshof (Guggerhütte). From there over the new ski touring path (2021) approx. 1 hour to the Loschbodenalm with the Höllensteinhütte 1,710 m. The rest of the route largely follows the hiking trail and leads through sparse stone pine forests and the lovely alpine region of the Rötboden to the tree line. From there a short distance to Flach, a domed elevation above the Kreuzjoch.
  • Downhill run: In the area of the ascent track back to the Höllensteinhütte and further down to Juns.

...experience more about this mountain with the most stunning view.

  • Starting point: Tux-Lanersbach - mountain station Eggalm – further on with a drag lift "Beillift" 2.300 m
  • Altitude difference: 100 m ascent, 1.100 m descent
  • Duration: 2,5 hours
  • Best season: December until April
  • Huts: non, only in the skiing area Eggalm
  • Characteristics: the short ascent - with the Eggalmbahn – makes this great downhill run accessible: a classical tour for beginners!
  • Special features: the Grüblspitze offers one of the most stunning views over the Tux Voralps.
  • Downhill run: the ascent leads over wonderful downhills through the Waldhoaralm (1.850 m) area until the inn itself (inn not open to public). Afterwards it goes further down over an open strip through the forest all the way down to the village. Another downhill run further North is possible. In a lovely depression (Eggerkar), further on clearly on the right-hand side from the valley, you will reach the forest lane from where you cross over the slope to the chairlift “Eggalm Nord” and reach the Skiarea Eggalm directly back to Tux-Lanersbach

...a ski tour mountain by excellence: For those who are taking a well-deserved break at the highly situated Kogel, plan in some extra time – First class view over all the peaks!

  • Starting point: Tux-Vorderlanersbach - mountain station 8-chairlift Horbergjoch at 2.500 m
  • Altitude difference: 400 m ascent (from Horbergjoch 2 km), 2.100 m descent (until Tux-Vorderlanersbach/Tux-Lanersbach) 15 km
  • Duration: 2,5 - 3 hours
  • Best season: February until March
  • Huts: non, descent to Weerberg: Rastkogelhut at 2.117 m or descent in direction Geiselalm: Geislerhof at 1.611 m.
  • Characteristics: the Rastkogel is the alpine ski tour mountain by excellence. Shorter but with an interesting access – the peak hillside is steeper than it seems. The Rastkogel is situated on the sun side, with a huge ascent downhill.
  • Special features: during winter powder snow, in spring wide névé (firn) slopes, as well as the most stunning view from the Rastkogel are making this mountain a must.
  • Ascent: from Tux-Lanersbach, ascent with the cable car Eggalmbahn (descent to Tux-Vorderlanersbach, Rastkogelbahn) or from Tux-Vorderlanersbach with the Rastkogelbahn, continuing with the 8-chairlift Horbergjoch within approx. 1,5 hours, over the Geislalm at 1.838m in approx. 4 hours or over the Rastkogelhut (starting from Weerberg/Innerst) within approx. 5 hours.
  • Downhill: the descent is not over the same route as the ascent, but underneath the wide depression (hollow) of the Lämmerbichlalm at 2.100 m. further on in direction Geislalm/Geiselhöfe. From here return to the ski area Eggalm. Continue with the 6-chairlift “Eggalm Nord”. From the Eggalm cruise down to Tux-Lanersbach or Tux-Vorderlanersbach. Note: While ascending from the Rastkogelhut, descending is over the same route back.
Skitouren durch das verschneite ZillertalWinterliche BergweltSkitour bei SonnenscheinSkitouren durch unberührte Natur

Safety tips for ski tourers

During a ski tour in the Tux Valley, you can explore the most beautiful places in the Tyrolean Zillertal, enjoy the peace and the natural beauty off the slopes and sparkle in the sparkling deep snow. But not to be disregarded is the safety in the mountains - your safety and that of others.

We would like to list the most important safety tips for ski mountaineers here:

  • For inexperienced alpinists it is absolutely advisable to take a guide / ski tour guide aside!
  • The indicated slope represents a general value and can also be exceeded in the case of the own route selection.
  • Find out about the avalanche warning level and the weather forecast!
  • Proper and functional safety equipment saves lives. avalanche transceiver,
    Avalanche shovel, avalanche probe, helmet, back protector and possibly avalanche airbag are a must for freeriders!
  • Note your fitness skills. Especially in spring time it is recommended not to start too late in the morning!
  • Show above all as freeride respect and understanding for nature.
  • Mobile phones do not work everywhere!
  • In the case of an accident, alert the Alpine rescue call to the number 140.

The most important emergency information as PDF

Important contacts for ski tourers

  • Avalanche report: +43 512 581 839 503,
  • Free avalanchecamps with SAAC: +43 5218 3438 4831
  • Alpine emergency call: 140
  • European emergency call: 112
  • Austrian Alpine Association: +43 512 587 828
Winterlandschaft in Tux-FinkenbergSkitouren im Winterparadies Zillertal
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