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Climbing... the new trend sport

Via ferrate is the new trend in alpine sport and allows hikers, naturally using the appropriate equipment and according to their level of ability, to explore the realms of vertical climbing. These so-called "Via Ferratas" otherwise known as fixed rope routes, are trail through rocky areas secured by wire ropes and iron pins. The grades of difficulty ranging from A (easy) to E (extremly difficult).

The high ropes course is located on the romantic Zemmschlucht in the Zillertal. In the middle of the forest build on natural trees at the edge of a ravine. The ropes course has been completely designed and built by our guides to the latest European high-ropes course standard. 32 exercises spread over various difficulty levels require the self-confidence. Depth of 88 meters in the eyes Zemmschlucht demand your full attention. 3 zip lines with a length of 120 meters take you from station to station or back to the forest floor.

Our high ropes adventure park is not off the shelf, but highest and most spectacular climbing park in the Zillertal. For this reason you will be served by a high-ropes course trainer on the tour.

Some details to the high rope course:

  • Difficulty: easy - medium
  • Character: Nepalese bridge, rope bridge, Spider´s Web, Charlie Chaplin, Flying-Fox,...
  • Season: May - November
  • Total Time: 2 hours
  • Ages: 8 years and up, minimum height requirement: 130 cm
  • Please bring: Sneakers, trekking shoes
  • Requirements: no fear of heights
  • We provide: guide accompanying you along the entire course, equipment
  • Meets: high ropes course Zemmschlucht

Prices Gamstour - Moderate
€ 29,00 for adults
€ 25,00 for young persons aged between 12 and 16 years
€ 20,00 for children aged between 6 and 12 years

Price Steinbocktour - difficult:

€ 35,00 for adults and children

Combined Tour:
Gams Tour and Steinbock Tour € 55,00 per person

More information:
Mountain Sports
Hauptstraße 456
6290 Mayrhofen
[email protected]

The via ferrata at the Knorrn provides beginners with the opportunity to try out this experience. At the entrance there is a vertical ladder, followed by an elevated crossway with intermittent steeper sections leading right up to the summit following a taut steel cable. One should have a good head for heights for this ascent.

Some facts about the via ferrata:

  • Suitable for: Beginners and advanced
  • Grade of difficulty: B/C
  • Duration: 45 min
  • Altitude differnce: 50 m
  • Rope lenght: 180 m
  • From Mayrhofen use the Penken cable car to the top station and then the Penken Kombibahn. Walk from the top station of the cable car on the gravel path in the direction of Penkenjoch. Turn right at the 6er SB Knorren. From Finkenberg use the Finkenberger Almbahn to the top and then follow the gravel path to direction 6er SB Knorren.

An easily passable, but exposed rock passage marks the beginning of this new via ferrata. This is the longest of the three via ferrata that leads to Gasthaus Zimmereben, with round 700 metres of climing and 300 metres in altitude difference.

Several very beautiful passages and easily negotiable vertical sections of rock face, as well as fantastic views over Mayrhofen and the neighbouring Zimmereben via ferrata are some of the special features that characterize this particular via ferrata. The grade of difficulty ranged from sections that can be simple walked, to short D-sections, but mainly comprises of between grades B and C. The Pfeilspitzwand via Ferrata is more or less halfway between the leves of difficulty of the existing via ferrata and therefore a great addition to the resort. From the exit, a new hiking trail leads downhill to Gasthaus Zimmereben in around 5 minutes.

A few facts on the via ferrata:

  • Target group: Advanced
  • Grade of difficulty: B - D minus
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Altitude difference: 245 m
  • Rope lenghts: 440 m
  • Access: The access point to the Pfeilspitzwand via ferrata can be found around 100 metres  down-valley from the supply lift for Gasthaus Zimmereben on the existing trail leading to Schwendau.

Beautiful, though challenging, via ferrata characterised in particular by it´s extreme length and exposed position. In the first, relatively easy stage (C/D), it leads steeply upwards over several "walls", an over-hanging intersection, through the "Birkenwald´l Forest", over a steep shingle slope, a high column and the "Floitentritte" until a large ledge with marks the end of this first stage. If you decide against taking the exit to the left, you will reach the more challenging second stage. After a relatively easy entry, this leads on to a steep, very strenuous ascent including an over-hang which is the most difficult point in this climb (E), 2 triple wire rope bridges and an extremly exposed crossing.

Details about the  climbing attraction in

  • Suitable for: Advanced and professionals
  • Grade of difficulty: 1st section C/D - 2nd Section D/E
  • Altitude difference: 310 m
  • Route kenght: 600 m
  • Access: The path takes at the Gasthof Neu-Ginzling in the direction to the Tristner, where the trail forks carry on straight ahead (5-10 min).

Near natural via ferrata with family friendly routes and excellent securing equipment. Short earthy paths alternate with steep inclines. At a wire rope bridge there is the opportunity to exit the via ferrata or enter the next stage. An interesting change of scenery with exciting ascents. This is suitable for families with children as of the age of 10 years. Info points are prominently placed along the route.

Some evidence to the via ferrata:

  • Suitable for: Beginners to advanced
  • Grade of difficult: C
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Altitude difference: 210 m
  • Roupe length: 560 m
  • Acess: Next to the Gasthof Zillertal in Mayrhofen take the Huterlanersteig (Path No. 2c), follow in the direction of the Zimmereben Guest House. It is signposted from there.

A challenging, but exciting route with some vertical, partially overhanging sections. Even climbing enthusiasts are impressed by the access point to this via ferrata, which is situated directly at an over-hang. An adrenalin including experience climbing over ledges and rocky outcrops, whilst negotiating wire rope bridges, swings and over-hangs as well as traversing. A challenging route, suitable for experienced climbing enthusiasts. Info points are prominently placed along the route.

Some evidence to the via ferrata:

  • suitable for: Advanced and professionals
  • Grade of difficult: C/D+
  • Duration: 1,5 hours
  • Altitude difference: 239 m
  • Rope length: 450 m
  • Access: Next to the Gasthof Zillertal in Mayrhofen take the path Nr. 2c, follow in the direction of the Zimmereben Guest House. It is signposted from there.

Many trials lead to the top 



21 routes with difficulty from 4 to 8 climbing enthusiasts are all available. The route length is up to 30 meters. The year-round climbing area Gschöss captivates by sunny location with the best view over the entire Zillertal and easy access.

From the mountain station of the Penkenbahn in just 10 minutes by foot to the direction of the Gschösswandhaus. From there to brace II and outside the fence on a small path to the sectors I and II to III Sector per ropingclamps 20 meters right of restraint.

  • 21 routes - Difficulty 4 to 8 +
  • Safeguarding: ++++
  • Quality of the rock: +++ to ++++
  • Direction: south-east
  • Number of routes: 21
  • Length: up to 30 meters
  • Difficulty: 4 - 8
  • Altitude: 1800 m
  • Best time: May until October

Climbing Area KNORREN for beginners and advanced:

The climbing area is a garden of alpine climbing classification. Mainly it climbs in the Dolomites like rock, which is mostly fixed. A helmet is strongly advised. There are even special children routes with a lot of hooks. The climbing area is also very family-friendly.

From Mayrhofen with the Penkenbahn up to the mountain station of the Kombibahn Penken. From the mountain station of the Kombibahn Penken walk on the gravel road to the direction Penkenjoch. Before the Mountain Station 6 SB Knorrn turn right.

  • 30 routes - difficulty 4 - 8+
  • Safeguarding: ++++
  • Quality of the rock: +++ to ++++
  • Direction: South to South-East
  • Number of Routes: 30
  • Length of Routes: 10 until 30 metres
  • Difficulty: 4 to 8+
  • Altitude: 2000 m
  • Best time: May until October

Climbing guide Penken!

The new 380 meter long fixed-rope climbing route, "Gerlossteinwand", leads along a 240 meter high wall on the same-named mountain. It doesn't only offer Alpine pleasures, but also leads to one of the valley's most beautiful peaks. Introductory trial climbs for beginners are offered on the new route, categorized as medium difficult, which was constructed by the local mountain rescue team, in cooperation with the Zillertal Arena. The local alpine sports schools provide expert tips and accompany beginners on the climb, which can be comfortably reached with the Gerlosstein cable car.

Basic data:

  • Walking time: 1,5 to 2,5 hours
  • Access: from the mountain station of the Gerlossteinbahn ca. 45 min
  • Descent: Heimjöchl 1,5 hours or ca. 1 hour walking trail
  • Climbing length: 380 m
  • Altitude in differnence: 240 m
  • Hight Ascent: 1.898 m
  • Hight Mountain: 2.166 m
  • Lage: Nordwand
  • Last descent Gerlossteinbahn: 5.00 pm
  • Best time: end of May to mid October
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