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Honouring our regular guests

How to become a regular guest?

We at the tourist office are often asked how one actually becomes a regular guest? There is no other tourism region where regular guests are looked after with the same intensity as in Tux-Finkenberg. In our Region we combine the well-known Zillertal hospitality with intensive care not only by the tourism association but from all involved parties such as the owners of the hotels and houses, the local population and societies to guarantee our guests a perfect stay.

  • 10 stays with a landlord
    Most landlords know how many times you have stayed with them and you can register for the “Stammgästeehrung” after ten stays. The event always takes place for each "round" stay. You can also ask your landlord how many stays you had. The tourist office has no record of your stays in the area but we can see if you have been honoured.
  • Stammgästeehrung – the event
    Every Thursday evening at 5 p.m. the “Stammgästeehrung” takes place in the Tux-Center in Tux-Lanersbach. In a festive setting with musical accompaniment, you as a regular guest will be honoured by a board member of the tourism association or community representative.
  • Status of regular guests
    From the time of the first award for the 10th time in our holiday region Tux-Finkenberg you are listed in the database of the tourism association. We will send you our regular guest newspaper twice a year.
  • Regular guest week
    Since 1988, the regular guest week takes place every 4 years. During these 7 days you will experience hiking, guided tours, events and a gala dinner on the last day. Everything organized by the tourism association and countless societies, groups, landlords and volunteers. Your landlord can register you for this regular guest week. 

Previously honored regulars:

12.982 Regular guests (current state)
2018 +4,2%

Where do our regulars come from?

12.982 Guests from all
parts of the world
  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
9.884 Guests from
664 Guests from
679 Guests from
457 Guests from
436 Guests from

Numbers & facts 2018

Guests per evening in the TUX-Center
30 Guests per evening in the TUX-Center
Glasses of schnapps
1.800 Glasses of schnapps
Glasses of sparkling wine
1.150 Glasses of sparkling wine
Glasses of orange juice
450 Glasses of orange juice
950 Napkins

We present you with ...

Branded glas of schnapps
1.950 Branded glas of schnapps
500 Photos
950 Books

Honoured guests 2018

1.950 honoured guests
1 honoured for
150 stays
3 honoured for
110 stays
8 honoured for
100 stays
11 honoured for
80-90 stays
28 honoured for
60-70 stays
136 honoured for
40-50 stays
172 honoured for
30 stays
370 honoured for
20 stays
1.221 honoured for
10 stays

Regular guest newspaper

In our regular guest newspaper "Ferienblick" you will learn the news of your holiday region. As a regular guest in Tux-Finkenberg, you will receive our regular guest newspaper twice a year free of charge by post.

The last two editions can be found here on this page for downloading and browsing.

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Destination address for the tourist information:
A-6293 Tux, Lanersbach 401

Plan your route online:

Detailed information on how to get to Tux-Finkenberg by bus is available here.

The airports at Innsbruck, Salzburg and Munich are between 90 and 230 km from Tux-Finkenberg.


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