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Berliner Höhenweg

Berliner Höhenweg


Naturparkhaus Nr. 239
AT-6295 Ginzling

Telefon: (0043) 5286 82181


BERLINER HÖHENWEG - Hike through the main ridge of the Zillertal Valley. Over a total distance of 42 km, approx. 2.650 m will be spent going uphill, and 2.520 m downhill. This hike can be completed in stages over 3-4 days, and is open according to weather conditions from the middle of June to the beginning of October. Finkenberg - Gamshütte Ascent: approx. 1.000 mied., duration: approx. 3 1/2 hours, route: Finkenberg - Hermann-Hecht-Weg - Gamshütte Gamshütte - Friesenberghaus Ascent: approx. 1.110 mied., descent: approx. 500 mied., duration: approx. 7-9 hours, route: Gamshütte - Pitzenalm - Wesendlekarsee - Friesenberghaus Friesenberghaus - Olperer Hütte Ascent: approx. 150 mied., descent: approx. 250 mied., duration: approx. 2 hours, route: Friesenberghaus - Friesenbergsee - Olperer Hütte Olperer Hütte - Furtschaglhaus Ascent: approx. 500 mied., descent: approx. 600 mied., duration: approx. 4-5 hours, route: Olperer Hütte - Schlegeisspeicher - Furtschaglhaus Furtschaglhaus - Berliner Hütte Ascent: approx. 900 mied., descent: approx. 1.060 mied., duration: approx. 5-7 hours, route: Furtschaglhaus - Schönbichler Horn - Berliner Hütte Berliner Hütte - Breitlahner Descent: approx. 960 mied., duration: approx. 2 1/2 - 3 hours, route: Berliner Hütte - Alpenrose - Grawandhütte - Gasthof Breitlahner Possibility to extend the walk - Aschaffenburger High path: Berliner Hütte - Greizer Hütte - Kasseler Hütte - Edelhütte - Mayrhofen. Hike in stages over 3 days. Further information can be obtained in the free guide book supplied by the German Alpine Association "Zillertaler Runde - Berliner Höhenweg". Just ask at the Tourist Board.


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Verlauf Berliner Höhenweg:
Landkarte Tux
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A-6293 Tux, Lanersbach 401

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