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Glacier experience at Hintertux Glacier

The Hintertux Glacier in Zillertal enchants with a view from the panoramic terrace at 3,250 m on the surrounding three thousand meter peaks. Powder snow and natural snow guarantee from October to May as well as the 100% snow guarantee can be given here with a clear conscience.

However the Hintertux Glacier is not only a winter sport Eldorado for skiers and snowboarders, but also offers interesting treasures as a popular excursion destination in Tyrol:

Year-round attractions on the Hintertux Glacier

The Nature's Ice Palace on the Hintertux Glacier is a unique natural gem in the world and an ideal year-round destination for the whole family. The entrance to the ice cave is only a 3 to 4 minute walk from the mountain station of Glacier Bus 3. Guided tours say “Please enter!” Into the wonderful world deep under the ski slope. Visitors explore a walkable crevasse with magical ice stalactites, huge sparkling ice crystals, frozen waterfalls and even a glacial lake.

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The cave at the Spannagelhaus (Spannagelhöhle for short) is the largest marble (rock) cave in the Central Alps, is open all year round and can be explored on a guided tour. Learn from the cave guides everything there is to know about the history, the age, the hydrological watercourses, the cave climate and the animal life of this special cave and marvel at the marble layers, dripstones, crystals, erosion kettles and bone finds.

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The panorama terrace on the Hintertux Glacier is located at an impressive 3,250 meters and is easily accessible for everyone. From the valley station in Hintertux, visitors can take the gondola lifts comfortably and barrier-free up to the fascinating Zillertal mountains. A trip to the glacier is therefore also possible with a stroller and wheelchair and is an unforgettable experience, especially for those visitors who rarely come to such great heights. Even the ascent with the glacier bus 3, the highest two-cable gondola in the world, will make your eyes big!

In the panorama format, a breathtaking view opens up from the Zugspitze over the Dolomites to the Großglockner. From this point you can also enjoy the best view of the Zillertal Alps nature reserve. Thanks to the provided Viscope telescopes with displayed information, you are always in the picture which peak or mountain range is being focused.

TIP: Photopoint in a unique surrounding. Download your pictures immediately!

Summer highlights

Experience the snow and ice in summer, hike on it and discover many interesting facts about the eternal ice at the same time on this guided tour! You will be introduced to the diverse facets of Hintertux Glacier in entertaining style, as 600 hp snowcats wait for you at the base of mighty Mount Olperer for a tour on the glacier - a stop or two are including to take the perfect souvenir photo!

  • Tours: The tours will take place on Tuesdays and Fridays starting June 17, 2022. Click here for the schedule
  • Duration: approx. 90 minutes
  • Character: guided, easy hike for the whole family (children from 6 years); ride with a chairlift downhill is part of the tour
  • Meeting point: Panorama terrace 3,250m, top station Gletscherbus 3
  • Prices: Adults € 39,- | Children (6-14 years) € 16,- (exclusive "Facination Ice" panorama ticket for the ascent)
  • Booking: possible in the shop until 24 hours before the tour starts. 
  • Out tip: After the tour, everyone can enjoy the novel opportunity of try out the tubing run or explore Nature's Ice Palace.


Glacier hike "Fascination Snow & Ice"

Glaciers are and will remain a very special kind of natural attraction. No matter what time of year you see, visit or commit a glacier, you will be impressed again and again. Its tremendously powerful appearance between bizarre ice fields, crevasses, rock masses and snow peaks creates a great respect for the wonder of nature every time anew. On the way with an experienced nature park guide, you get special insights into the fascination of the “Hintertux Glacier” as part of the tour over snow and ice. You will learn a lot of interesting facts about glaciology, the formation, structure, effect and distribution of ice on earth. This wonder of nature delights the whole family. Make sure you have mountain boots, sun protection, jacket and hat for this tour!

The glacier hike is offered and carried out by the Zillertal Alps High Mountain Nature Park.

  • Dates: every Thursday - from 02 June to 06 October 2022

  • Character: easy hike on the rather flat glacier ground 

  • Duration: approx. 1.5 hours; 1 hour of which is pure walking time (depending on the weather situation)

  • Meeting point: depending on registration 11.00 hrs or 13.00 hrs on the panorama terrace at 3.250 m, mountain station Gletscherbus 3

  • Number of participants: Maximum 9 | Registration absolutely necessary under  

  • Costs: Adults: € 10,-- Children: € 5,-- (6-14 years); Free of charge for guests of the Nature Park partner businesses!
    For the ascent with the mountain railroad the panorama ticket "Fascination Ice" is required.

  • Refreshment stops: Tuxer-Ferner-Haus 

  • Contact: Zillertal Alps High Mountain Nature Park: +43/5286/52181;

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The Glacier Bug Park at 3,250 m is probably the highest occasional adventure playground in Europe. In this fun-filled world of adventure in the eternal ice, it's a hive of activity when families and children try out great attractions such as the snow tire carousel, tubing track, baby lift and snow flea photo station with glacier bug Luis. The one or other fun snowball fight in the middle of summer may not be missing!

  • Children under 10 years go free of charge to the Gletscherflohpark at 3.250m
  • The ascent is barrier-free and also easily accessible with a stroller
  • Open from the end of June until the end of September

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On safari, ready, go! Around the Sommerberg hiking area, an exciting adventure course awaits the whole family on Luis' Glacier Bug Safari. On a journey of discovery with glacier bug Luis, young and old detectives are asked to solve tricky questions. Get your discovery card at the ticket office at the valley station in Hintertux, find the right solution word and win a great surprise to pick up at the ticket office in the Sommerberg restaurant!

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In Luis' marble safari there are exciting ball tracks and a giant ball track tower to discover. Whether through the wave track, over the ringing chimes or through the narrow crevasse - with so many different options, boredom is guaranteed! At the long jump you can even compete with friends, siblings or parents and place bets on whose ball will make the longest jump. In addition to the three marble runs in the grounds, glacier flea Luis is waiting for the little explorers right at the entrance to Luis' marble safari in a marble run tower with loops, marble crane, climbing wall and much more.

The funny wooden balls, on which of course glacier bug Luis is immortalized, are available for € 2.00 in the ball machine and can of course be taken home as a souvenir

Opening hours:Mid-June to end of September

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Luis der GletscherflohPanoramaterrasse am Hintertuxer GletscherAussicht am Hintertuxer GletscherHintertuxer Gletscher

Special culinary experiences on the glacier

Enjoying brunch in the gondola and marveling at the breathtaking mountain panorama does not have to remain a dream! In the 10er Gefrorene Wand on the Hintertux glacier you can start a successful ski day with a richly set breakfast table.

Thanks to heated seats, a pleasant breakfast with a view is possible even in winter temperatures. Coffee, tea, orange juice, fresh pastries, a large selection of sausages and cheeses, various spreads, breakfast eggs, fresh fruit, muesli and yogurt can be enjoyed while gondolaing uphill and admiring the mountain scenery and the skiers from the gondola. Even a glass of sparkling wine is included in the breakfast package at the classic gondola breakfast.


For all those who prefer atraditional, hearty meal, there is the Bavarian version of the gondola breakfast: juicy veal sausages, crisp pretzels and a cool wheat beer will make the hearts of all lovers of Bavarian pub culture beat faster.

The Bavarian Gondola Breakfast is the ideal tip for a casual bachelor party or simply a cool start to a great day with friends on the Hintertux Glacier!


It is already a vacation experience of the quite special kind if one after a fulfilled morning on ski / in hiking boots or after the attendance of the nature ice palace then comfortably with its loved ones into the "Brettljausen gondola" climbs and with the "gondola" zünftig is served up: namely a hearty Zillertaler Brettljause and in the glacier ice cooled Zillertal beer in the midst of the unique glacier scenery.

Regional delicacies are served at the Brettl: The culinary variety ranges from A like Almaufstrich to Kaminwurzen, smoked bacon and ham.... to Z like Zillertaler cheese variations (hay milk cheese, Zillertaler gray cheese and mountain cheese...). In the bread basket you will find different kinds of pastries and of course the Zillertal farmhouse bread. 

Beverage requests are fulfilled by the Zillertal Brewery:  There is a choice of Zillertal beer, Zillertal Radler or "Midi's" premium lemonades in various flavors (apple, ginger or lemon).

And two things must not be missing, of course! The "Gletscher-Schnapsl", distilled by local and multiple award-winning schnapps distiller Hannes Dengg, and hearty Zillertal music - a colorful music potpourri is already ready to play!

Daily a gondola of the 10er Gefrorene Wand becomes the Brettljausen gondola, which you can reserve exclusively for yourself and your loved ones. We wish you already today "Bon appetite" and a unique, real hearty and typical Zillertal taste experience at over 2,660 m!  


The highlight of every ski day is the fiery fondue in the historic Spannagelhaus at 2,530m. When glacier ice meets fiery fondue, no wish remains unfulfilled. 

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