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Christoph Moschberger & Da Blechhaufn - Home

Dates 22.06.2022
Times WE 20:30

Category: Music
Location: Tux-Center in Tux-Lanersbach


On Wednesday, June 22th, 2022 at 8.30 p.m. Christoph Moschberger & Da Blechhaufn will present their new CD "Home" in the Tux-Center in Tux-Lanersbach!

When you hear the term "home" in connection with a bunch of brass players, you might first think of lederhosen and idyllic alpine panoramas - accompanied by hearty brass music. That this combination has a lot more to offer than beer-blessed uff- Ta-Ta put "Christoph Moschberger & da Blechhauf'n" to the test in their stage program of the same name. The musical home of all protagonists lies in traditional brass music - but none of them limited themselves to that! You can feel your own roots best when you discover new things far from home and sometimes long for home. And so "Home" stands both as a symbol of a musical journey into distant cultures and worlds of sound, as well as for the moment to arrive safely at home after such an adventure with exciting impressions and experiences in your luggage.

Entry: Adults: VVK 19.00 EUR / AK 24.00 EUR Children up to 15 years: 12.00 EURO

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