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Ausstellung "Die Kristalle der Steinzeitjäger"

Dates 02.07.2020 - 31.10.2020
Times TH 13:30

Category: Exhibitions
Location: Altes Jöchlhaus in Madseit


Gain a unique insight into the everyday lives of Stone Age people and admire the skillfully crafted tools made of sparkling crystals.

Did you know that 10,000 years ago - shortly after the last great Ice Age - hunter-gatherers of the Mesolithic Period roamed the Tux Alps? Crossing cirques and sattles, they travelled long distances - hiking on paths we still use today.
Their destination: the Cristal deposits on the southern slope of Mount Olperer. On Riepenkar (2.800 meters altitude) they searched for the Gold of the Stone Age: Quartz Crystals of rare beauty and transparenca - the raw material for blades, arrowheads, knives and axes. In a time in which tools were exclusively made of flint stone, wood, horn or bones, the shiny and glittering Cristal artifacts must have been extremely precious and of cultic value.

For thousands of years, Mount Olperer was in the center of the so called "Mountain Crystal Road".

Location: The Old Jöchlhaus in Madseit, Tux -opposite Café Sepp
Admission fee: € 8,- par person, children free of charge.
Opening hours:every Thursday on 01.30 p.m.

  • cultures / history

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