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Discover the TUX-Welten adventure paths

The most beautiful leisure experience in undiluted nature – the TUX Welten adventure and hiking trails stretch from deep down in the green valley to up high on the highest summit. They are part of350 km of hiking trails in Tuxertal. Themed paths for families that can fill an entire week with hiking and exploring entertainment. Experience the diversity of Tuxertal’s nature from a flea’s perspective and solve tricky puzzles with glacier flea Luis.

Numerous natural beauties around Tux and Finkenberg are pointed out particularly on the paths, the many adventure playgrounds and information boards. The paths are just waiting for you to go on hikes and explorations.
You can reach the hiking trails on foot directly from your accommodation in Tux or Finkenberg. A family week full of adventures is waiting for you! Have fun.

Hiking week on TUX-Welten paths

In the TUX-Welten fun, action and lots of adventures for all ages are guaranteed. Experience mysticism and adrenaline at the Schluchtwelt (Gorge World). Naturwelt (Nature World) gives you playful access to nature and its secrets. Learn more about the interaction between organisms at Tier- and Pflanzenwelt (Animal and Plant World) and get prepared at the Wasserwelt (Water World) to meet its “icy sister” Gletscherwelt (Glacier World).

On Safari, Set, Go! Heroes of the Glacier beware! Around the hiking area “Sommerberg” an exciting adventure course with tricky riddles is awaiting you. Together with Gletscherfloh Luis all detectives experience an exciting hike with mystery treasures! Small glaciers detectives explore the mystery of the glacier with the help of interactive displays. The treasure map is available at the valley station of the Hintertuxer Gletscherbahn. Join and help us to solve the mystery."On Safari, Set, Go!".

All children up to 10 years are transported for free, not only to Sommerbergalm (2,100 m), but up to 3,250 m Gletscherflohpark. There at 3,250 m you can race down the tubing run and start a snowball fight in the middle of summer.

NEW: Luis' Kugelsafari

Two exciting ball runs and a giant ball tower are waiting to be discovered in Luis‘ Kugelsafari. Fascinated, the little ones will be able to watch and follow their wooden balls, which have to overcome numerous obstacles on their way to the finish. Be it on the wave ride, the chiming “Glockenspiel” or through the narrow crevasse on the glacier - with so many different possibilities, there is no chance of getting bored here! You can even arrange a little competition against friends, siblings or parents and see who can throw their ball the furthest.

Walking time: about 2 hours

Characteristics: easy walk

Overview Gletscherflohsafari

Naturwelt (Nature World) is located at an altitude of 1,800 m along the hiking trail across mountain pastures and marshy ground from Penkenjoch to Schrofenalm. The Finkenberger Almbahnen mid-station is the starting point and the adventure can already begin.
Highlight: the bog soil experiment!

Things get pretty active and exciting here. There’s a huge spider’s web for climbers, the butterfly swing and much more at the flea circus. The Tierwelt (Animal World) along the Tuxbach stream can be experienced in a special way. Get to know the forest in a completely new way at the edge of the path and learn a lot more about the wood at the same time.

Things get pretty active and exciting here. The Pflanzenwelt (Plant World) along the Tuxbach stream can be experienced in a special way. Get to know the forest in a completely new way at the edge of the path and learn a lot more about the wood at the same time.

Start at Hintertux as there’s a lot to learn about life-sustaining water alongside the Tuxbach stream. The large swing and refreshment on hot days are waiting at the waterfall as it plummets down into the valley with massive thunderclaps and roars. An imposing spectacle of nature is waiting for you.

Glacier flea safari in Tux-FinkenbergTux-WeltenTuxbach in ZillertalPflanzenwelt

Rosary path Tux-Lanersbach - Kapellstein

A path for reflection and meditation amidst glorious nature. The rosary path leads from Tux-Lanersbach on the walkway to Weiler Gemais and the newly built rosary chapel. It continues across the Pfistereben meadow. Here, a forest track leads to Lattenalm. A short forest road stage takes you to your destination, the small forest chapel “Kapellstein”. There are four stations with seating along the way that each invite you to pray for one of the rosary secrets. Between the stations, there are also spots where you can pause for a moment to reflect in the beautiful Tux nature scenery.
Tux-Lanersbach 1,300 m – Kapellstein 1,700 m
Walking time approx. 1 to 1.5 hours on hiking trail and gravel road

Find the path on the interactive map

NEW: Thematic Trail "The world of the Alpine farmers"

Discovering a cultural landscape. Why did men and women pull the plough in Tux? What is a "Kraxentragerstecken" or a "Heubock"? These are just some of the questions you might be asking about the world of the old Alpine farmers, and you will find the answers on the 40 large photo signboards on this thematic trail, which stretches along the 15 km from Finkenberg to Hintertux. The interested visitor will find these signboards on hikes and walks and in the centre of the village. The photos were taken by Erika Hubatschek (1917-2010) and the texts tell you more about different aspects of alpine farming life. 

Long-distance hiking break in Tux-Finkenberg

The Alps are THE region for long-distance hiking trails. There are many highly different paths leading across Austria or from Italy to Germany. Luckily, Zillertal is located in the heart of the Tyrolean mountains and therefore acts as a stopover point of many hiking trails. Take a break in Tuxertal, enjoy Tyrolean delicacies and enjoy a panoramic view of Hintertux glacier before you continue hiking to the south, north, east or west.

These paths cross Tux-Finkenberg:

  • Peter Habeler Runde
  • Berliner Höhenweg
Auszeit im ZillertalAuftanken in Tux-Finkenberg

Weather hiking – sun and rain are just fine!

No matter the weather, there’s always something to discover. Equipped with hiking shoes and a rain jacket, you can hike on some of the themed trails.
The Tux alpine hiking trail can be explored in all weather conditions. Cows graze on the lush alpine meadows, which the educational bog path also leads past, in sunshine and rain. Tux natives recommend the waterfall trail on hot summer days with lots of splashing and foaming and many a drop cooling off sweaty hikers.

Nature and wildlife in Tyrol

Many rare and protected species can be observed in Nature Park Zillertal Alps. Gain deep insights into the glorious Tuxertal nature during guided hikes with local nature specialists. More than 23 red-listed and 6 protected species alone were detected along the Naturwelt educational path. If you’re hiking here alone, information boards provide information on the protected area.
Gentian, arnica and cyclamen aside, the lesser-known herbs are the real attractions of Zillertal’s wildlife. Only experts can recognise and differentiate between the many different herbs that grow in and around Tux-Finkenberg.

Tuxertal’s diversity of animal species also attracts nature aficionados from all around the world wanting to experience golden eagles, ibexes and red deer in their natural habitat. Those who look closely during themed hikes might even spy the rare marmot on the edge of the path. The large rodents are very shy and warn one another about disagreeable guests, such as eagles and hikers, with their characteristic whistling.
Learn more about the mountain animals at the TUX Welt Tierwelt, during a guided hike or at Nature Park House Ginzling. Simply ask for your hosts’ advice, because Tux locals have the best suggestions!

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